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IMPORTANT  7/21/13
- A special "request" - to those of you that listened to our talk show, "Returning to Oz" from a few years ago....many of you may remember -
a  video, for our 25th episode, back in 2007.  (See that page for more) 
that featured Aaron Pacentine, and also Oz collectors, Gabe and Sean talking about Oz collections and also - about Return to Oz".  The video has recently (become) - lost and we don't have it online.  It was uploaded to YouTube for a limited time.

 We are looking for it. If you had the videos download please email (aaron(at)   thank you so much.  There will be a "special" reward - if you can help us retain this again!!  Thank you.



Welcome to the ! We're glad you stopped by the official home of our original radio talk show series, "Returning To Oz"  co-produced by the Return To Oz Historian, Celia Foster and also Aaron Schultz. This is also the official home to
Ozcast which continues the legacy of the OZ talk shows, a new series devoted to Oz for a whole new generation of Oz fans, that is still being produced today! Ozcast is currently hosted by Aaron Pacentine, and his friends!

We have put together a special facebook page - The Return To Oz Archive, it is maintained by Celia Foster, and Aaron Pacentine, exclusively to the facebook social networking site.

 We are also pleased to have archived most of all our episodes from our "Returning To Oz", original series, that ran from early March of 2006 to May of 2008. Many of them which are still available for downloading.

Episodes are continued to being produced and uploaded to the  web site now at - . Visit our special archive older classic episodes from, "Returning To Oz" with Aaron, Celia and our other Aaron.....Aaron Schultz!

 These shows date back as far as March 2006!



The Wizard of Oz is copyrighted 2013, by the Turner Entertainment Company and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.  The Return to Oz logos/characters are owned and copyrighted 2013 under the Walt Disney Company. All rights reserved.  In no way do I own the rights to these films. This is merely a fan based web site dedicated to these movies and promoting these films by way of the Oz online talk shows that we produced for entertainment, and educational purposes only.


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