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Ozcast Episode # 23 (June 2013)

The Oz Books & It's Relation to "Return to Oz" (Mp3) 

Listen to Aaron Pacentine & Celia Foster as they bring you an episode about their thoughts on the Oz books
and the relation to the 1985 film, "Return to Oz" and the differences between the film and also "The Wizard of Oz".
Aaron also talks a little about his documentary, available on DVD-R, "The Wonderful World of Oz" and we hear about
Celia's thoughts being a part of this very special documentary on the Oz community.



Ozcast Episode # 22 (April 2012)

 A New Beginning & A New Season Ahead for Ozcast (Mp3)  
36 minutes and 23 seconds

Times goes by, and we are very happy to bring to you another episode here for Ozcast. In this episode we join Aaron Pacentine and Celia Foster.
Celia has a very interesting story to share with us in this exciting episode. She has done some research - and spent a great deal of time preparing for this one.
Thank you for your support in Ozcast, we hope you enjoy this very informative show. We aren't giving you the subject up front, you will have to listen in to gather that information yourself!


Ozcast Episode # 21 (November 2010)

Special Thanksgiving Episode - First Episode of the Fall Season
This year, I'm thankful for Disney's RETURN TO OZ from 1985

Welcoming back, Ms. Celia Foster & a warm welcome
to special guest & Return to Oz Fan Lita

| Part 1  | Part 2  25.80 MB | Mp3

How time does go by! It seems like it was only a few weeks ago that we posted our 20th episode here at the Ozcast section
! I have been very, very busy in my personal life - but all is well. Time to get back into the wonderful world of Oz and Ozcast and our work with the Oz community! Going to be starting a blog soon for our Oz and our sites so will see how many readers we can get and more listeners to the show. In this lengthy but informative episode, Celia and I share some special moments with Lita who got to witness and be a part of a special theater screening of "RETURN TO OZ" a few years ago at the George Eastman House in New York. The most exciting time - Walter Murch, Director of the 1985 Disney film, was there - to do a Q&A session about the film. Lita recalls her thoughts about the showing of the movie, and memories of Walter's answers. Celia and I thank you Lita, for your involvement, and time.  I hope many of you find this educational as well as entertaining.

OZcast Episode # 20 (April/May 2010)

Interview With Lost In Oz's Joshua Patrick Dudley Author
& Oz Fan, Ryan from Michigan

| Part 1 | Part 2 |

Join Aaron Pacentine with special guests Joshua Dudley author of Lost In Oz for updates and interesting stories regarding his work in writing his "Lost in Oz" series, also alongside Oz fan, Ryan from Michigan as he shares his thoughts on the 1939 film, the music, and Judy Garland's acting on the movie. 


OZcast Episode # 19 (March 2010)

Interview With Music Composer, David Shire

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Join Aaron Pacentine, special guests Aaron Schultz from the former and
Return To Oz historian, Celia Foster as in a very interesting and detailed episode as they interview David Shire who composed the music to "Return To Oz".

OZcast Episode # 18 (February 2010)

"Return To Oz - Victoria Wood's "Oz" Single"

Join Aaron and Celia as they unveil to you comments and interesting speculation on a very, very rare song that was to be a part of the production of Disney's "RETURN TO OZ" Victoria Wood simply titled, "RETURN TO OZ". The single which was released on LP is now out of print but can be found from time to time on eBay and other collector web sites online! You just need to know where to look. Download below!

OZcast Episode 18



OZcast Episode # 17 (January 2010)

A New Beginning With New Names & A New Year

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Join Aaron Pacentine -  Lisa Carmichael aka Sera Alexia Starr, and Zachary Mitchell as they
bring you the first episode of the year 2010! We give some insight and our thoughts on the "Wizard of OZ" restoration and blu-ray disc from Sept 29th 2009 and later in the show we hear from Joshua Dudley as he gives Aaron an interview for this brand new and first episode of the Ozcast series for 2010!