(March 2006 - May 2008)


Listen to the very first episode in the "RETURNING TO OZ" Series and check out and download all of our past episodes up until June 2008 now available. The first 13 episodes were produced details facts and information on the 1985 Disney movie "RETURN TO OZ".  by Aaron Pacentine and Celia Foster. Later in 2006 .... Aaron Schultz came along as a regular host to the series.  We are forever grateful for his continued support and help to our site, both personally and professionally! Other fans and guests in the Oz community were interviewed during the course of this series. After the 13 episode we spoke with many others in the oz community about the MGM movie and other Oz related topics. 

As you see below, not every month was listed. The reason for that is that between the time we recorded and between those times, there had been breaks in-between episodes.






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