"Special Episode" # 1
JULY 1st 2009

An Evening With Jessica Grov
(Dorothy from the National Wizard of Oz Tour (1997-1999)

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Jessica has been an inspiration to many that have ever wanted to play "Dorothy" in a "Wizard of Oz" production. Now, for the first time in the history of the Ozcast series web site we would like to give a warm welcome to Jessica Grov! Aaron Pacentine and Anthony interview Jessica in this very delightful and fun interview.


Jessica gives us all a surprise toward the end!


Special Episode # 2

November 5th 2009
An Interview With Lorna Luft,

Judy Garland's Daughter

                      Part 1 & Part 2

We are honored to bring to you a special interview with Judy's daughter.

I want to personally thank Lorna's staff
 for the time and helping us arrange the interview. Also a very special thanks to Lisa, Shawn, and Zach for their help in putting together some really great questions for the interview. Again this has been a great honor and was very enjoyable.




OZcast Episode # 16 (December 2009)

The episode is no longer available via the web site here. It is now currently available
on the "special features" section of the DVD, "The Wonderful World of Oz" - you can buy a copy here!


 - An original Christmas holiday audio drama -

Come join Dorothy down the yellow brick road and right  into the land of Oz in a brand new and original  audio drama.
This is for the 16th episode of the Ozcast series. The final episode of the year of 2009.